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A community to exchange books, sell books, make book recommendations, announce book sales etc.

Community Rules

1. Please don't post a sale listing/request for a book (whether to buy or to exchange) for the same item(s) more than once in a day.

2. Please don't speak in CAPS. Exceptions are given to headings.

3. Please don't use ultra-large fonts when posting.

4. Please ensure that pictures posted, whether within or outside an LJ-cut, DO NOT screw up the Friends Page (i.e. causes horizontal scrolling).</b> If I see this I will delete the post immediately.

5. Please don't flame anyone, engage in trolling, etc. You will be immediately banned if I see this.


Those involved in book exchanges, please take care to secure the contact number (or any reliable form of contact) of the person you're exchanging your books with, especially if the exchange you're making is only a temporary one (where books are re-exchanged eventually so that the original owner still gets back their books in the end).

Please be responsible and try not to damage others' books while they're in your keep. That will be a good way to ensure that people continue to put their books up for exchange.

You are responsible for your own safety, and that of your books’.

Have fun, everyone! :)

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