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monocle & $5 books
rose love
appleloves wrote in sg_bookexchange
issue 79, december 2014/january 2015 issue
excellent condition

almost all are plastic-wrapped & in good condition. selling really cheaply as I'm making space for more books :)

$5 each
meetups at Bishan only if you get more than 2 books
will only trade for any CS Lewis books (excluding narnia)

1. (hardcover) Mandela's Way, by Richard Stengel
2. Map of the Invisible World, by Tash Aw
3. Blue eyed Boy, by Joanne Harris
4. The Glass Castle, by Jeanette Walls
5. Angela's Ashes, by Frank McCourt
6. Leaving the World, by Douglas Kennedy
7. I served the King of England, by Bohumil Hrabal
8. One Fifth Avenue, by Candace Bushnell
9. Creative Thinking in Photoshop, by Sharon Steuer